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Our studio is dedicated to providing many different styles of yoga for all types of people. We honor all spiritual traditions and are dedicated to providing a warm atmosphere for personal growth and development.


The physical postures of yoga, known as asana, become harmonious when we coordinate breath with movement. At Y4P we offer over 15 different styles of yoga; try them all and dive into the lineage that resonates with you.


This is the true 'fitness' of yoga, it's mental fitness. Practicing mindfulness is cultivating an awareness of self and therefore an awareness of your thoughts. Mindfulness tools, such as meditation can transform your life.


Yoga is a way of life. It is an ancient practice that brings our mind/body and spirit into alignment. We can all be yogis flowing through life seeking spaces for self-transformation and the chance to practice living as our highest selves.


Yoga has many benefits, the most important is that it reminds of us of the union, an idea that we are one, down to a cellular level. We are one, connected, joyous, free people and empowered in community. Yoga for the Peaceful, Crested Butte is a space for us to thrive as individuals as well as a collective. We need everyone to show up authentically and by liberating ourselves we give others the permission to do the same.

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Our teachers are some of the most qualified teachers in Colorado. Eleven of our teachers could be considered 1000-HR trained and have thousands of hours worth of teaching experience. We also have five 500-HR trained teachers and a number of 300-HR registered yoga teachers. We have dedicated our lives to sharing the practice with others.



Prana Vinyasa


Kids Yoga






Prana Vinyasa




My family and I have had a wonderful experience here. All the instructors have been friendly, helpful and are great at what they do. My 5 year old daughter attended kids yoga and had a great time with her teacher Amelia! We highly recommend trying this place out!

Gabe C

The staff is kind, professional, and very good at what they do. I took the 11am Sunday class and it was the best Yoga class I have ever taken. This was my second visit and I promise, I will be back. Thank you! Chris

Chris K.

Yoga for the Peaceful is one of the reasons why I like Crested Butte so much. Their place is cute, warm and friendly. I am a dedicated yogi but not a hardcore pose yogi. My practice is slow, steady, spiritually based, and centered around the goal of making peace within myself and my body. Sometimes in new places it is hard to find a yoga center that is in alignment with my practice. YFTP was right in line with that. They offer slow flow and yoga basics classes multiple times a week, which is almost unheard of. I love it here and think you will too.


I was in CB on a work trip and wanted to take a yoga class. Their class schedule didn't fit with my trip schedule but one of their instructors, Dana, came to the studio with very little notice and did a private class for me! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and their fees are more than reasonable. If you're in CB and have any interest in yoga, you must go here. I had only taken one yoga class in my life and Dana was so helpful that I came back the next day for another private class and even brought my business partner (who had never done yoga) to a group class the following day. Thanks so much and hope to see you all again soon!!

Alfred P.

A wonderful addition to an incredible place. Thank you for the hospitality all summer . .. I will be back!

Teri Canfield

So beautiful, perfect setting and class after multiple days on the slopes

Amber Brennan

This studio is extraordinary! It really fosters a flourishing community of consciousness, healing and embodiment. The teachers express such creativity, devotion and inspiration. It has been instrumental in the transformation of my practice. Good work is being done here...on many levels.

Catherine Ariel Nelson