Chakra Vinyasa – Liberating the Body Mandala

Experience an immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Vinyasa integrated with sublime teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantras.

Our journey will move through the Chakra Prana Vinyasa sequences refined over the last decade and integrated with the teachings and meditations from the earliest Tantra. Each day you will explore chakra prana vinyasa sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating chakra mandala namaskar, circular sequencing, chakra-based meditation, mantra, mudra, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). We will also integrate movement meditations from prana vinyasa for exploration and embodiment.

Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the chakra system and yogic body, we will develop a transformative approach to the body mandala and learn to assess our imbalances and translate this into practical vinyasa yoga sequences for our self, private students, group classes and living the flow of yoga.

In a world where we can see the disconnecting effects of a “dim fire” or the burn out of the “excessive fire”, inner firekeeping is an all-encompassing metaphor for the yoga of householder life. The chakra system brings together the alchemy for tending the fire of the many dimensions of ourselves – root to heart to crown, inner and outer. Our mission is to emerge nourished and inspired with tools to deepen your practice, teaching living yoga.

Highlights includes:
Prana Vinyasa Movement Alchemy –Chakra Vinyasa sequencing in balance
Four Chakra Mandala Namaskars – Circular Namaskars (muladhara to anahata chakra)
Four Chakra Prana Vinyasa Sequences adapted to all levels
Chakra Namaskar™ – Integrated Namaskar for all levels
Subtle-Body Flow– Embodying the solar, lunar and central channel
Intro to the History of the Chakra System & Realizing our Quantum Vibratory Body
Daily Tantric Chakra, Mantra and Mudra based Meditation
Empowering Teaching Labs

Required Reading:
Encyclopedia of the Subtle Body, by Cyndi Dale
Tending the Heart Fire, by Shiva Rea
Required Online Courses:
Chakra Pathway of Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea

Optional for Advanced Study: Chakras Unveiled, Part One with Christopher Tompkins


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